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The time we live in is quite fast and simply exploding with all kinds of progress in technology, particularly in the field of delivering information. We are bombarded constantly with all kinds of information, amongst which information about health is penetrating everyone’s shield. We know more about health than ever before. We know how to prevent infections and illnesses, how to recover quickly from stress or surgery, but we also know that keeping healthy will make us more prosperous

and successful in business and life in general. The fact is that keeping lean and fit will offer better health and also be the biggest prevention of devastating chronic diseases like diabetes, cancers (some types), cardiovascular diseases and others. Overweight and obese people are more prone to these diseases than the rest of the population. For some reason this fact hasn’t been presented to the general public in transparent and clear ways. The ‘fat’ problem is obviously not just an aesthetic ‘obstacle’ in a way, since itis usually perceived as such, but also a huge health problem that cannot be



My aim in this book is to present you with the type of diet that I have been following for more than 30 years, and the same diet that has helped thousands of my clients in their journey to maintain good health, lose body fat and achieve a great physical appearance. In order to help you achieve success, I will first introduce you to the fundamentals of our anatomy and physiology, which is essential in understanding how the human body works. I will then explain our evolutionary path and the food that we have developed around. We will look into the health damaging, self-inflicted consequences that have followed after we have abandoned the traditional hunter and gatherer diet. In the end, I will advise the best possible lifestyle which can revert the situation and help with regaining health, strengthening immunity and losing unnecessary body fat.


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