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NashFit Personal training in London is based on the unique and extremely effective NashFit Training Method. After the initial assessment, clients will be given a personalised training and nutritional progams created by Nash. While emphasis is always on the laws of biomechanics (perfect form of exercising) and necessary level of intensity, clients will be gradually introduced to more intense training techniques. All our trainers are very skilled and also exprienced athletes themselves. They are very enthusiastic, commited and passionate about your success. 



Master Personal Trainer

Dr. Nash Jocic has over 30 years of experiance in personal training! As a competitive bodybuilder with 46 competitions internationally and 17 victories, he has generated deep knowledge and experience in training and nutrition that have helped him transform thousands of clients throughout his long and rich carrier. He has published 7 books, 14 training DVDs for men and women and countless articles in the most famous fitness magazines globally.


Nash has developed a unique training system known as NashFit Training, that he uses in order to help his clients see changes even after only few training sessions! By applying different training techniques and dietary guidance depending on his clients' goals, needs, fitness level and other individual specifics, he has created a perfect formula for success. Either your goal is better health and shape, getting that famous six-pack or becoming a champion bodybuilder, Nash will guide you every step of the way until you get there in record time!


Nash is an extremely motivating person who is very passionate about your success. He will always get the best out of you, make you push that impossible final rep and guide you to become the best that you can be. Training with the guru himself you will empower you to look better, feel great, be strong and live a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Kosta is an experienced  personal trainer with expereince that streches over 15 years. He has competed internationally in water polo, track and field, javelin throw and ever since been involved in professional bodybuilding training as well as in fitness and conditioning of top premier league footballers in Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United.


His expertise is in quality circuit and cross-fit training combined with strengthening and mobility exercises and stretching, incorporating strength, flexibility and cardio training in the same workout. This type of training has been used by police academies, special military units, martial artists and other professional athletes.


Kosta is highly experienced and motivating personal trainer, who will help you lose pounds of body fat, strengthen and develop new muscle tissue, while increasing flexibility and cardiovascular endurance in the same time.


Personal Trainer


Matt is one of those rare personal trainers who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. He is extremely committed to fitness, and has been exercising from a very early age. His discipline and dedication will be the first things you will notice when you meet him! Extremely athletic, Matt has a very muscular and powerful physique, which is the product of a perfect lifestyle, intense weight training and correct dieting!


I’m proud to say that Matt is one of my favourite apprentices. I have trained Matt for over a year while teaching him the secrets of productive training, proper nutrition, most effective supplementation and most importantly how to help clients achieve great results in record time!


Matt is very clinical in his approach; training and diet programs that clients will receive will be followed impeccably and proper training technique and sufficient level of intensity will be definitely achieved under his supervision.


Training with Matt is a serious business, intense and hard, but in the same time very effective in building lean muscles and burning body fat!

Personal Trainer

Derek Lyons has been involved in private personal training for over 10 years. He is no novice in the iron game. Derek has been seriously involved in bodybuilding for over 30 years and has discovered all the secrets regarding training systems, high intensity techniques and the body's ability to sustain stressful workouts and respond with muscle growth and fat loss.


Derek's expertise is in high intensity weight training, intense circuit training and also treating sports injuries with the adequate treatments as well as with selection of specific exercises.


Derek is a highly motivating personal trainer who will always find the way to get the best out of you while keeping the smile on your face! He will not spare a single muscle fibre in your trained muscles, but although intense, training with Derek is great fun.


Personal Trainer


Lenny has been involved in one to one personal training for over 20 years. He has won major UK, European and World titles in bodybuilding making his name very well known in the world's sports circles.


As a professional IFFB bodybuilder, he has generated enough knowledge and experience that help him completely transform his clients' appearance by dramatically changing their body composition through increase in the lean muscle tissue and reduction of body fat.


Lenny's expertise is in most effective muscle building- fat burning type of training through extremely beneficial training techniques known only to professional bodybuilders. Either performing squats or pull-ups, biceps curls or bench press, secrets reviled by Lenny will make your training completely different and extremely challenging.


Training with Lenny is fun, hard work, lot of muscle pump and more than anything else best guaranty for muscle growth and fat loss in record time!

Personal Trainer

Caroll is an extra-ordinary personal trainer that will make you very excited every minute of your training sessions with her. She's always optimistic about her clients' success and an unusually passionate personal trainer. Your improvement means everything to her. She's a great motivator, absolute perfectionist and being trained by Nash himself, she will insist on perfect form in every set that your perform under her instruction. 


Caroll leads and motivates by her own example. As a former marathon runner (she completed 14 marathons and also a 100km ultra-marathon!), a passionate cyclist, ex Thai Boxer and Krav Maga instructor, she's always in excellent form with a very muscular and well conditioned body. 


If you're thinking about changing your body and your lifestyle, private personal trainer Caroll will be a great choice for you. 


Personal Trainer

Judit is an extremely committed and professional private personal rainer that has been involved in the fitness industry for 16 years. Her athletic appearance comes from years of serious involvement in basketball, mountain cycling, weight training, bodybuilding, cross-fit training, spinning, and circuit training. She was a competitive power lifter for 6 years, becoming the European and World Champion in 2009!


Judit is a personal trainer who is very focused on her clients’ progress and her commitment and passion in helping others achieve their best is second to none.


Training with Judit is very creative and equally effective! Her personality and ability to motivate will also make your training sessions great fun and the ultimate experience in achieving the perfect body.


Personal Trainer


Milos is an enthusiastic and passionate one to one personal trainer who has spent 12 years in active sport. Milos spent years swimming and then continued playing competitive football for 7 consecutive years. Being athletic and always aware of healthy eating, Milos has developed and extraordinary physique, that has prompted him to take on personal training course that he successfully completed 6 years ago.


I am proud to say that as my son, Milos is also my apprentice. I have thought him a lot about right training techniques, biomechanics, intensity factors, nutrition and much more. Milos is a personal trainer who is very responsible and caring about his clients. He will do everything to motivate you and make you perform with 100% of your abilities. He has already helped numerous clients to get in great shape.


If you are looking for an enthusiastic, motivating and extremely caring personal trainer, Milos will be the right choice for you. 



MILOS _edited_edited_edited.jpg

Personal Trainer

Donna Maria is a private personal trainers with a great competitive history. Being involved in the industry for over 20 years, she managed to win several fitness titles and she has also earned Pro status with Miami Pro, the UK's biggest fitness federation!  


Her great experiance in competitive sport, thousands of hours of intense training over the years and ultimate knowledge about effective dieting is your best guaranty that Donna is a personal trainer who will help you achieve progress like never before! 


Donna is very passionate about your progress and she will always find the way to help you overcome any obsticles, either them being in training or dieting.  


Training with her is a great experiance, and although she will take you through serious workouts, you will  always leave the gym happy and fulfilled. 


Personal Trainer

Matt is a one to one personal trainer with over 15 years of experience in helping people get in great shape. He has started his sports career in American football and then became a competitive bodybuilder himself. Training with fellow Californian bodybuilding superstars from the beginning of his career, Matt has learned all about effective training systems and techniques that he used in order to win titles in NABA Bodybuilding Federation and also in order to help his clients build bigger muscles, burn all that unwanted body fat and achieve proportionate physique.


His accreditation and expertise in sports medicine, nutrition, sports therapy and also yoga makes him an exceptional personal trainer that can answer to everyone’s needs with a truly holistic approach.


Matt will make your training enjoyable, fun, and also very productive and satisfying.


Personal Trainer

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