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Brady Selkirk

Sav Kyriacou

Anastasia Ivanova

Nelson Lopes

David Bamber

Matt Young

"As an actress I have to keep in top shape. I have worked with many private trainers in Hollywood and London. Nash's ability, technique and philosophy of training surpass all others. Not only am I more fit than ever before, I have learned loads about nutrition and how to train with an - ALL OR NOTHING APPROACH TO FITNESS"


Holley Chant - (Actress)

"Nash is a real deal! As a physical therapist, ironically, whit some chronic injuries who had undergone numerous orthopeadic surgeries, my goal was to find  a personal trainer who could speak mu language and was sensitive to the world of sport and exercise science, not just "bro science". I wanted to find someone elite but who wasn't the stereotypical"meat head", someone who could push me but who would not push me towards further injury! I found that in Nash, i found him to be motivating, knowledgeable, considered, well read and inteligent! Having been a competitive bodybuilder himslef, Nash knows how to get himself, and others into shape for long term. This approach is so important for all round health and fitness, for minimising and even protecting against injury, and if that is your goal, then NASH IS YOUR MAN!​"


Robert Shanks - (Osteopath)

"I've known Nash for the last twenty years, as a fellow competitor in the nineties and a very dear friend he was a fountain of knowledge. His expertise in the world of bodybuilding and fitness is quite impressive; he is very professional about everything he does. I certainly recommend him as a trainer to anyone wishing to achieve his goals, and believe me when I say it's hard to find a good trainer in London. NASH IS THE BEST BET!"


Jamo Nezzar - (IFBB Pro)


"I just wanted to thank you Nash for my journey over the last year and our professional relationship together. You more than delivered on my goal in which I set out to do from my very first consultation with you last September. Stepping out on stage last Sunday to compete under your coaching was one of the most thrilling happiest personal moments of my life. You never once complained, never cancelled on me, you devoted your attention and focus to me at all times. Your professionalism, dedication and attention is second-to-none. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL."


Marcus Wilde - (Physiotherapist)

"Nash is without a doubt is on of the most experienced and succeeful personal trainers in the country. His great knowledge in nutrition and bodybuilding and also rich experience as a competitve athlete and author are your BEST GAURANTEES FOR SUCCESS!"


Dorian Yates - (6x Mr. Olympia)

"Nash is a rare trainer who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. He's training hard, and that gives you the confidence that he knows what he's talking about. He also shares insights through his experience that few trainers know about. THIS MAKES WORKING OUT WITH HIM EXCITING AND REFRESHING"


Blake Ludwig - (Procurement Analyst)

"In my long fitness career, I have met many professional athletes and trainers, but can freely say that Nash Jocic is definitely one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and successful personal trainers and nutritionists. I have seen many of his clients improving dramatically in record time, driven by his dedication and enthusiasm to help people feel better and look better. TRAINING WITH NASH WILL BE THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU EVER MADE"


Sav Kyriakou (Muscleworks Gym)

"I was looking for a personal trainer with the experience and enthusiasm to help me get the most from my training, someone with a track record of achievement that I could respect and learn from. Nash combines all these qualities with the utmost professionalism to help you get the most from your routine and diet. Training with Nash has been consistently demanding yet enjoyable, challenging yet rewarding; I'VE NO HESITATION RECOMMENDING HIM."


Jonathan Hughes - (Architect) 

"I met Nash last year, before the British championship. Nash is an amazing professional with deep knowledge in Nutrition. Many high-level bodybuilders know his work. Five months ago, he made a nutrition program for me, and it has shown excellent results. I look forward to starting a new program for the British 2014."


Ivan Da Silva - (Competitive Bodybulder)

"When it comes to personal training, having the best coach is the key. Having tried different diets, workouts and other trainers, I feel lucky and privileged to have found Nash and trained with him. His 360 approach to transforming your body leaves no areas uncovered. From tailored diet plan, to different challenges each week, Nash also has an extremely aesthetic eye and knows how to make your body proportionally beautiful. He is incredibly patient and with a great fun personality, I've never felt uncomfortable for my lack of knowledge. The experience of training with Nash is something that you will carry for years to come and is one of the most valuable things I've ever done. No wonder his reputation is impeccable, NASH ALWAYS EQUALS REAL RESULTS!!"


Anastasia Ivanova - (PR Consultant)

"It is never too late to transform your body. Despite being an avid gym goer for years, after only a few weeks of training with Nash, people were commenting on how my body was changing. Nash is passionate about the benefits of weight training, for physical improvement, fat-loss, cardio - vascular fitness and general well being . His nutritional advice is invaluable and encyclopedic (and I should mention that since he took me shopping for vitamins three years ago I have not had a cold!) , Nash is professional and  inspiring , he practices what he preaches and is highly educated, as his numerous books testify. He is certainly not your average 'personal trainer' and I could not recommend him highly enough. Whatever your personal goal is, increased muscularity, fat loss or better endurance for sport, Nash's thirty years of experience means he can and will deliver results that everyone will notice, everyone! In short, training with Nash has given me amazing results and with your commitment and his guidance you can achieve the same. THANKS NASH!"


David Bamber - ( Award-Winning Actor)

"Nash’s advice is life changing! I’ve been training with him for just under six weeks. When I went to get an ultrasound, the doctors told me previously visible internal fat had vanished – they (and I) could not believe this had been achieved in such a short period! This was not through extreme dieting or extreme amounts of exercise but instead eating the right foods and working out smart. I am never hungry and have more energy than I have for years. With such amazing results in six weeks, I am looking forward to seeing what Nash will help me achieve in the coming months." 


Zuber Anwar - (Strategy Consultant)

"I was the one of the lucky ones that has been coached by fitness guru Nash Jocic. Nash has helped me to maximise my own potentials and achieve great balance in my intellectual, spiritual and physical existence. As I have benefited a lot from his personal engagement and advice I have also found his book "Lifestyle Change" insightful, amazingly well researched, motivating and inspiring, much like Nash himself. Thank you for putting all that knowledge on paper and sharing it with the rest of us"


Joe Ferrera - (Actor & Acting Coach)

"With the world driven by evidence-based science, Nash's immense experience in training and nutrition combines seamlessly to guide me towards the practice of healthy living."


Dr. Izwan Izmir - (MBChB, MRCPCH)

"In the last two years I haven't experienced any improvement in my training. I have tried everything that others have advised me without any success. Finally I started training with Nash. His training systems and techniques, nutrition advice and the power to motivate and inspire ade me change in 6 weeks beyond my imagination!"


Dean Esterhuizen - (CNC Programmer)

"In my first 4 years of training I achieved some results, but certainly nothing dramatic. Then I met Nash Jocic. The following 18 months of training with Nash transformed my physique a lot. Nash taught me that optimum muscular development has little to do with length of time you devote to training or the amount of weight lifted. Instead he has shown me that it is primarily about TECHNIQUE and INTENSITY! Thanks to Nash I now have a body that most guys half my age can only dream about!"


Rogan Doecke - (Company Director)

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