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This book will offer you a combination of the most advanced training techniques with the aim to maximise the involvement of all available muscle fibres during every set of every exercise. As muscular

development depends on physiological processes of catabolism and anabolism, the adequate catabolic effect of exercise will trigger higher anabolic response, hence muscle growth.


In order to maximise the number of muscle fibres involved in every exercise, we have to rely on training methods that will bring the muscle to the point of total momentary failure (exhaustion), when another repetition will not be possible. I don’t doubt for a second that the majority of you have already done many sets of many exercises for 6 or 8 or even 12 repetitions and achieved the point of total momentary failure. You have probably executed a countless number of sets in this fashion expecting that they will bring you good results! But, did you achieve those results? Do you really believe that

you have achieved the maximum of your muscle growth potential with your current training approach? I don’t think so, and here is why: 


Although you have brought your muscles to the point of exhaustion, your sets did not last long enough, and you did not alternate your training system to satisfy your physiological demand for different muscle fibres. You have also paid attention to the number of reps instead of focusing on the actual duration of the set. Your muscles haven’t got a clue about the number of reps you have planned to do (number of reps is purely arbitrary), and they can only respond to the stress during the specified period. For that reason, your strictly determined muscle building program made from a certain number of exercises, sets and reps was destined to be doomed before you had even started it. And

this is not only me talking to you: this is your anatomy and physiology talking to you...


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