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• While low intensity long duration exercises (wrongly called aerobic) can help you to lose weight, they do very little or nothing to help you lose fat

• Disregarding body composition, ‘experts’ were advocating weight loss while being unable to offer solutions for fat loss

• Most of the weight lost through low intensity long duration exercises comes from the muscle tissue

• Weight training does exactly the opposite, develops muscle tissue and through increased metabolic activities burns predominantly body fat while at the same time sparing muscle tissue

• Unlike for example running, which eats away muscle tissue, weight training helps everyone to develop a proportionate physique by targeting all the muscle groups in the body

• The biggest and most constructive change in the history of weight training was the introduction of a split training system that allowed athletes to train one or two muscle groups per single training

session, as opposed to training the whole body in a single session

• There are two basic principles in defining training systems: training frequency principle and muscle grouping principle

• One should start with simpler training systems and move onto the more advanced ones only when improvement in muscle size and strength brings you to that point

• Always train major muscles at the beginning of the week and smaller muscles after them towards the end of the weekly cycle


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