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After trying out so many different nutritional theories, I had no other options left but to try something that nobody else had advocated, something that was very different from the mainstream thinking about nutrition. I needed a diet that was going to be neither high in carbohydrates, nor based mainly on meat. I started experimenting with food that would not make me bloated and cause water retention, but at the same time would not make me feel sick and weak all the time. This had to be a diet that was not only based on high quantities of meat, chicken, fish and eggs – which I had tried but didn’t like much – but also a diet that was not based on loads of rice, potatoes, porridge and other starches that are considered “energy giving” foods. Previously, I had religiously followed a carbohydrate-heavy diet as well, and apart from bloating, water retention, high blood-pressure and more body fat than I had ever had before, I didn’t achieve much more success in terms of my physical appearance and health. In the end, I realized that both of these heavily promoted popular diets that I had experimented with for years had to be discarded in favour of a new nutritional approach, a type of diet that no one else was advocating.


This book would never have been written if I hadn’t personally witnessed the positive results that my clients have achieved throughout all these years. Their results were my biggest inspiration and encouragement to continue what I had started doing in the early eighties. The satisfaction that I have enjoyed every time a client loses an extra pound of body fat or lifts a few more pounds while doing a

bench press or biceps curl has been overwhelming. The satisfaction of seeing incredible changes in one person’s life when they lost the 50 or 60 pounds of extra body fat they had carried for more than 40 years, or someone who was skinny all their life weighing around 150 pounds with 20% of body fat, now standing in front of me weighing 200 pounds with only 7% body fat! Achieving results like these

have sometimes made me feel like I have been blessed…


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