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Our new system of values and modern lifestyle have undoubtedly helped the industrialised world to move forward and grow. We do have stronger economies, we do produce bigger GDP and we are

economically better off and able to help others. We invest more in science, research, education and health care. But are we really doing so well? No, we are not.


The biggest problem facing us today is that the lifestyle we have adopted is actually killing us, one by one. Its effect on our physical wellbeing means that we are dying by the thousands from the

ailments that had never existed before. Terminal or serious physical illnesses, as well as new kinds of disabilities and mental disorders are today commonplace. The level of cardiovascular disease is constantly rising, we have more respiratory problems than ever before and there is a huge increase in incidence of obesity, diabetes, cancers and allergies. The list goes on.


So what are we doing wrong? We try our best, we work hard to achieve greater security, we value work above everything else, we constanly strive for more and yet most of us continue to experience a deluge of heath problems. Difficulties in moving, feeling sick, tiring quickly, fainting, losing energy, getting weak and depressed - the list of modern-day symptoms seems endless. Our new reality is that we are not able to work any more! We cannot function at our peak level and thus we lose the power and respect we worked so hard to achieve and experience a decline in our life quality. Our system of values starts drifting away from us, until we finally lose sight of it altogether. We cannot rely on it any more. We find ourselves on the outside, we don’t fit in any more and we feel abandoned and betrayed.


Is this the only possible outcome for a life of ignorance and misunderstanding? Is there anything we can do to change this situation, or even to prevent it? Can we work hard and enjoy the benefits of our modern technology and still be healthy and prosperous? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The answer lies in changing our lifestyle; getting back to what we were in the first place - complex physical as well as intellectual and spiritual beings. We cannot afford to ignore any element of our existence. There are ways in which modern society can be adapted to allow us to perform with even greater efficiency and live happier and healthier lives.


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