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Performing in the gym and also at the dining table effectively wouldn’t be possible without a solid information base and a strong mental approach. Without knowledge, clarity, dedication and

persistence body fat wouldn’t go away. After highlighting the importance of lifestyle change, I continue my consultations with the straight facts about the nature of body fat, the reasons for

accumulating it, and metabolism; I then lay out facts about nutrition and effective physical activity. My approach usually shatters the belief that fat will be lost easily and quickly, and that the training and

nutrition programs offered by me would last for only 4-6 weeks. I have also found that the lack of information about the reasons for getting fat in the first place and losing fat is the major factor

preventing people from getting fat and losing fat successfully. Knowing about metabolism, how and why we accumulate body fat, nutrition, exercise and factors that will make the body start burning

fat will dramatically increase the success rate in fighting weight problems and obesity and all their bad consequences.


I believe that knowledge about these subjects shouldn’t be the privilege of a few health and fitness experts but rather the commodity of every single one of us. There is also a bizarre problem that has contributed greatly to the dramatic increase in fat accumulation and obesity in the developed world. The misconception known as ‘weight loss’ which has been created and presented by the medical establishment and fitness professionals has actually made us fatter. The health authorities are still pushing forward with this concept, ignoring the devastating health results caused by it. You probably wonder what can be wrong with weight loss when this is what you want to achieve. What’s wrong is that there is unfortunately no other perception of the problem of obesity. Weight loss has been implanted in our subconscious and every time you look at the fat around your waist or legs, the first thing that comes to your mind is that phrase ‘weight loss’. If the concept of weight loss was right, we would have many more lean and healthy people and less obese and fat people with impaired health. Obviously something is wrong with that concept and we simply cannot improve things while we are focusing on ‘weight loss’...


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