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While striving to achieve the perfect physique, millions of men and women have tried to increase their muscle size and then tried to lose all their unwanted and unnecessary body fat. Building a proportionate, well defined body has been a dream, and it still is for many. No other athletes have achieved better results in this new human experiment than bodybuilders. While a lean or big physique can emerge from running, swimming, wrestling or weight lifting, none of these sports can offer what body building has been offering for decades: big, proportionate and ripped physiques. In my case bodybuilding has been a wonderful experience. In my search for physical excellence I have found everything I wanted in bodybuilding. I have managed to increase my lean body mass from 67 kilograms of average body shape to 105 kilograms of ripped competitive physique in just 6 years of training! Some may argue that that kind of success can be achieved in fewer years, some may think

that I have done brilliantly in record time, but one way or another, I’m very proud of my achievement for many reasons.


This book is my honest attempt to stop you from making the same mistake that millions of people make, the one that I have made too.I was lucky enough to discover the illusion of the myth and abandon it in time, getting in shape and growing happily at the same time ever since. And yes, you will be doing exactly that: by growing new muscles you will be burning fat – and not just that, you’ll be burning it as you never did before! Building new muscles is the most effective, safest, healthiest and permanent fat loss strategy all at the same time. If you are ready, I will now take you on the new journey – the journey that will help you understand the nature of building new muscles and

burning fat at the same time. The benefits and victories on this journey will not start in years to come; they will start straight away! With the first few pounds of new muscles you will start getting leaner, feel more energetic and stronger, you will feel lighter, more confident and proud of yourself. You will be looking forward to a new day, armed with your new knowledge and confidence supported by great results.


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