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  • You will e-mail Nash all the relevant information that he will ask for (your health state, medications (if any), injuries, food allergies and intolerances, your goals etc.) and also your recent photos (front, back and side)

  • You will have a consultation (phone or Skype) with Nash

  • After the consultation Nash will e-mail you a complete detailed personalised training, nutrition and supplement programs

  • Every week you will send Nash an e-mail update about your progress that he will look at, correct and change if necessary and send you back

  • You can also speak with Nash once a week and talk about eventual problems and further adjustments regarding your training and nutrition

  • Every two weeks you will send Nash you new photos (front, back and side) so he can monitor your progress 

  • You will be directed to Nash's YouTube channel where you can learn how to perform every exercise in perfect form

  • You will receive The Ultimate Nutrition e-book and Weight Training e-book

  • You will be entitled to 30% discount on the whole range of NashFit Nutrition supplements during your 6 weeks period 


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