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With over 30 years of experience as a personal trainer, Dr. Nash Jocic, who is the most experienced personal trainer in London, has helped thousands to dramatically change their body shape. He is the founder of the London based personal training company NashFit Personal Training. 


We know that finding a good private personal trainer in London near you is not easy, and because of that our team is made of the most experienced and knowledgable personal trainers in London. If you are looking for a personal trainer in East London or a personal trainer in North London, we are here for you.


After a detailed consultation with Nash, you will be appointed a dedicated personal trainer who will make sure that the unique NashFit Training Method will be implemented in full, helping you achieve weight loss, fat loss, or build muscles in record time.


Training with Dr. Nash Jocic, the most experienced personal trainer in London

Before And After Stories

Brady Selkirk

"The transformation that I have achieved training with the most experienced personal trainer in london, Dr. Nash Jocic in four months was simply surreal! Nash has completely changed my training system, introduced me to the most effective training techniques and created personalised nutrition program for me that has helped me keep my size and get rid of all that unwanted fat that I couldn't lose for years. Training with Nash has completely changed my Life!" - Brady Selkirk

Cesare Pizzelli

"For years I was so ashamed of myself as I was obese, my self confidence was very low and because of that I didn't have any social life. Then I heard about Nash, as the best personal trainer in London, and just thought that he may help me. I started training with him and after he identified the best training and nutrition programs for me, I achieved fat loss like never before! At the same time I experienced  substantial muscle growth and in 12 weeks I looked like I always imagined myself in my dreams. I'm still growing and looking forward to even better improvement. Training with the most experienced personal trainer in London was the best thing I've ever done in my life!" - Cesare Pizzelli

Marcus Wilde

"I just wanted to thank Nash, who i think is the best personal trainer in London,  for my journey over the last year and our professional relationship together. He more than delivered on my goal in which I set out to do from my very first consultation with him. Stepping out on stage to compete under his coaching was one of the most thrilling and happiest personal moments of my life. I achieved great muscle building and fat loss results. He never once complained, never cancelled on me, he devoted his attention and focus to me at all times. Nash's professionalism, dedication and attention is second-to-none. I am forever grateful." - Marcus Wilde

Matt Young

"After spending years trying to reach maximum size and definition I just hit the wall and reached a plateaux I couldn't overcome. I was far away from my dream physique. Then, I came across bodybuilding personal trainer Nash's website and gave him a call. He started training me, introduced me to training techniques and a diet that I never heard of before. After only 12 weeks my dream came true! I'm now bigger than ever and in the best shape of my life. Without meeting Nash I would never have achieved this level of development." - Matt Young

Jonathan Hughes

"I was looking for a bodybuilding personal trainer near me with the experience and enthusiasm to help me get the most from my training, someone with a track record of achievement that I could respect and learn from. Being the most experineced personal trainer in London, Nash combines all these qualities with the utmost professionalism to help you get the most from your routine and diet. Training with Nash has been consistently demanding yet enjoyable, challenging yet rewarding. My progress says it all!" - Jonathan Hughes

Anastasia Ivanova

"Once I've decided to compete, I needed a very experienced personal trainer, and I chose Nash as my prep coach! I got to know Nash in 2014 when I became his client and fell in love with bodybuilding. Nash made key adjustments to my diet and training to achieve the ideal stage condition for the Bikini category in the Miami Pro federation (amateur class) - all in the healthiest way without any drastic changes. Nash was a big inspiration and motivation for me, as he competed himself 46 (!) times and won many bodybuilding competitions. I put all my trust in his hands and it definitely paid off - I got 1st Place in Tall Bikini Category, named the Overall Bikini Winner and received a Pro card. Thank you so much Nash!!" - Anastasia Ivanova

Alex Vohmjanin

"BIG thanks to my coach Nash Jocic, personal trainer with over 30 years of experience, for helping me prepare for my last competition. As clearly the most experienced personal trainer in London, with his guidance in training and constant adjustment in my diet in the last three months have changed my body beyond belief! I ended up in the best shape of my life  and as a result I won in my class at the Kant Classics. Under his guidance I can win the British Finals!" - Alex Vohmjanin

Ali Muhammad

"A massive thanks to my bodybuilding personal trainer Dr. Nash Jocic, who has helped get me in the shape of my life and even more win my first competition! Having worked with Nash I can say I am beyond impressed with the level of knowledge he possesses regarding nutrition, training and lifestyle. I actually nickname him the walking encyclopedia!" - Ali Muhammad

Panos Gikas

"Being a medical doctor myself I have been impressed by Nash's scientific approach to personal training. He has a broad knowledge and understanding of biomechanics, biochemistry, anatomy and musculoskeletal physiology and this together with his personal success in bodybuilding enable him to address all aspects of training from nutrition to somatic, physical and most importantly psychological support. As very experienced personal trainer, Nash has helped me dramatically change my body in only a few months of weight training and healthy eating. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is motivated and wants to experience a true professional at work!!" - Panos Gikas

James Demetris

"Although I have been training for 3 years, and I thought I was getting good results my body still didnt look as I wanted. Once I decided to compete I realised I would need help from a very experienced personal trainer. After much research I came to Nash's profile and made an instant decision. Training with him has been a complete eye opener. Nash had me in my best condition in just 6 weeks! He has also taught me a lot about nutrition and most advanced training techniques. I could definately not have achieved this size and condition without him." - James Demetris

Caroll Kerner

"Although I did enjoy running marathons I was not happy with the way I looked. On top of having no strength I had no muscles, therefore no shape to my body. Building muscles was what I needed to do in order to totally transform my physique. I looked for a experienced personal trainer in East London and I was lucky to find Nash Jocic!  Nash had the perfect recipe, expertise, experience, patience and vision for me. He will see in you what you don't see in yourself. He can take you beyond your own limits. The rest is up to you! For me, training with Nash has been a total life changer." 

PS : Nash you mean the world to me! Thank you! - Caroll Kerner

Giusy Valvano

"Before training with Nash I had been working out by myself for about 15 years and I although I had a good knowledge of exercise and nutrition, I had never pushed myself to the next level. Deciding to train with Nash was the best decision I have ever made! He is absolutely the best personal trainer, with such an extensive knowledge of nutrition and training! In a very short period of 3 months not only I have gone from 63kg down to 54kg and thanks to his advice, but I have also managed to eliminate the stubborn fat that I had never been able to get rid of. He has motivated me so much that I have even decided to compete for the first time! I am really so excited now and cannot wait to start preparing under his supervision!" - Giusy Valvano

Nick Charalambous

"The moment I have decided to lose weight,I started looking for a personal trainer near me. I didn't realise that will take me long time to find the right one... There were so many trainers  to choose from, but none of them manage to convince me to pick him up. I needed a very experienced personal trainer in North London. After spending a few weeks trying to find the right person for the job, I came to Nash's website I made an instant decision! I finally found someone who was not just taking the talk but also walking the walk! With such experience in personal training, expertise and track record, Nash was ticking all my boxes. We started training and results were simply phenomenal! I listened to every word he said, dieted strictly (not starving though, there was a lot of good food to eat) and  trained intensely under his close supervision and in 3 months I have lost  staggering 25 kg of fat!!! Not only that I manage to achieve my best shape ever, but at the same time I have become much stronger, more energetic, agile, and all my joint pains and aches have disappeared! I can whole heartedly recommend Nash as the best personal trainer who will manage to get you in the best possible shape!"- Nick Charalambous 

Terry Brown

"As I rapidly approached my half century it was time to reflect and decide on priorities. One of these was to start to take my gym training more seriously t"in order to look and feel better. I needed an experinced personal trainer in East London. Through a fortunate Google search I discovered Nash. His encyclopaedic knowledge of  weight training and nutrition has enabled me to make huge strides so that 2 years later I can honestly say that I feel stronger and fitter than ever. Nash is a true expert in his field and his training sessions are punctuated by pearls of philosophy thrown in as an added value bonus! Start training with Nash and you won't look back!" - Terry Brown

Rogan Doecke 

"It is not often that one meets somebody that inspires you to bring about a transformation in one's appearance and lifestyle. Rarer still at an age when most people are planning to take things easy. For me, such a person has been Nash Jocic. With a short space of time Nash has totally transformed my physique! As a very experienced personal trainer, Nash has provided me with a kind of a frame worke for my future wellbeing. None of us have the ability to stop the biological clock - our life spans are to a large extent genetically pre-determined. But Nash has shown me that the quality of that life can be improved immensely - not only that, he has shown that it is possible not only to slow down much of the deterioration  associated with aging, but actually reverse it!" - Rogan Doecke 

Mo Naveed

"Although I have done few shows and competed for years, I still couldn't achieve my best. I knew that I need to develop more proportionate physique if I was to conquer the most prestigious competitions in the country. I was looking for a highly knowledgable and experienced bodybuilding personal trainer who will be able to bring me on the next level. Even though I tried to work with some of them, results were not coming. At the same time, I observed Nash as the well known training coach and was astonished with the results he has achieved with his clients! Without exception all his clients were regularly improving, either they were beginners, intermediates or experience competitive bodybuilders! I spoke to Nash and explained to him what were my problems. I was simply impressed with his response; his answers were based on profound knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, and I have not heard anything like that ever before! After the first session with Nash, my problematic muscles were sore like never before, and they remained sore for the whole week! I knew that I have finally trained them the right way. I'm very exited to continue with Nash and I'm also very confident that with his help I will finally manage to optimise my full potential!" - Mo Naveed

Lee Hayes


"Having qualified for the British championships final i knew i needed some help on my weaknesses.  So I went to Nash who I knew was one of the best bodybuilding coaches in the business. In 16 weeks preparation he turned me into a contender and i got 3rd place. So now I'm number 3 in Britain and after the results I got in that 16 weeks working with Nash I asked him to train me for the whole of the 2019 season, including the Arnold European Classic in Barcelona and the next British Championships. Although I am a good personal trainer and know a lot of things, Nash is on a different level. Simple!!!

Every session is like a learning course in bodybuilding and I am learning new things from him all the time. I love training with him, he has a great philosophy and in my opinion is quite simply the best in the game!!!" - Lee Hayes, 2018 UKBFF British No.3 in 70kg Bodybuilding 

Andrew Lobel


"As my problem was always putting on more size I've changed a few personal trainers in the past and tried different training systems and techniques. Unfortunately, not much changed in recent years. 10 months ago I came across Nash's website and was impressed by his knowledge and experience in the field, and especially with the results clearly shown by his changed clients. Nash has explained to me that the secret in building muscle tissue is not in the fancy and gimmicky training systems that unfortunately many unexperienced personal trainers advocate nowadays. He made it clear to me that if I want to change I will have to make lifestyle changes, meaning that I will have to be disciplined, committed and passionate about my workouts. Also, his advice on nutrition was second to none: as you can see from these photos my gains were clearly pure muscle growth without an ounce of extra body fat. I'm looking forward to my new progress and with Nash's guidance and expertise I'm 100% convinced that it will happen." - Andrew Lobel

Alex Rogers 

ALEX TROPHY_edited.jpg

"When I first got in touch with Nash it was because I had heard if you want to take gym and nutrition seriously you got to see this man!  I could not have been more correct! Every session with Nash is  like a 'lecture', which he warned me about before and I went ahead! Being a personal trainer, this mentoring from Nash has been a massive credit to my professional career as a coach in a field where I'm constantly learning new strategies and approaches. Nash instinctively knows how to get the best out of you, he does it naturally and has an extremely positive mentality! My personal  goals have been blown out of the water and training with Nash for 12 month I had completely transformed my body. Learning why and how we did it has been  massive wake up call for me and I'm so happy with what I have learned and continue to learn from Nash daily! If you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life, don't waist your time any longer, get the expertise that you need from a man that knows how and will change your life forever!" - Alex Rogers                  

Milos Jocic


"Not only did Nash introduce me to the gym, he introduced me to a completely different world of self-discipline, ambition and results. His expansive knowledge on the topics of anatomy, physiology and nutrition has allowed me make adjustments to my diet and training with full confidence. His expertise and legendary status in the world of bodybuilding serves as an inspiration to me and many others, and he continues his legacy by sharing his knowledge and changing the lives of many others immensely . his belief in me and his positive mentality has pushed my body and my attitude to improve exponentially. Simply the best personal trainer you will ever find!!" - Milos Jocic

Marco Vettorello


"I can simply say that Nash has changed my life! And that is not a overstatement! The reason I keep training with him is that I feel better, happier and never short of energy. I am always in a good mood and more focused on the things I do. On top of that, I look better than ever too! When I check my abs in the morning I remind myself myself of what I have achieved and I never eat the wrong food again. When you achieve such results, you will never look back! I'm changed 100%. Look at me!" - Marco Vettorello

Daniel  Barrymor

DANIEL 1 .jpeg
DANIEL 2 .jpeg

"I started my own business at 18 specialising in Apple computer support. After 15 years of hard work I found myself weighing 112 kg, overworked, stressed, unmotivated, depressed and fiercely overweight. This is not where I wanted to be at the age of 33  with my youth disappearing fast. Future was bleak! On the 1sr October 2015 I had to make a change... I started a new chapter in my lifeby joining the gym. Fast forward 7 years and I simply cannot be happier. In september 2021 I embarked on a new chalange when I met Nash Jocic. I was unhappy with my own progress and needed to find an experienced personal trainer in East London. Nash completely transformed my training, change my diet, while giving completely new stracture and purpose to my training. The results achieved in such a short time were above and beyond my expectations! With Nash's focus being always on a good form based on the essential principles of biomechanics, I have gained lean muscle mass, lost body fat, increased strength and endurance but, above all, my previous aches/pains/injuries have simply disappeared! For me, the future is bright as we embark on getting in shape for my first Classic Physique competition later in 2022. It has been a fantastic ride and I can't  wait to see the results the future has in store dor me! Thank you Nash!" - Daniel Barrimor 

Ivan De Silva 


'I want to thank Nash for all the advice he gave me and helped me to lose weight and gest in the best
shape I have ever been. I started traning in the famous gym Muscleworks where Nash has helped countless number of clients in last 30 years. Not only he has halped me with differnet training techniques, but more importantly with his nutrition advice. Dieting under his supervision I have managed to burn a lot of body fat and achieve wining comeptitive shape. I can honestly recomend Nash as your best choice if you want to drastically improve your body shape!' - Ivan De Silva

Taylor Napier

'Nash is an incredible personal trainer. Kind, but also extremely detailed oriented and motivating. I had worked out for years before I started training with Nash, but quickly found out that my sessions with him were both shorter and MORE effective. The man knows what he is doing and the results speak for themsleves! Thank you Nash!' - Taylor Napier 

Adam Thompson


Nash transcends the role of a mere personal trainer; he stands as the architect behind my remarkable fitness evolution. With over 30 years of seasoned expertise, he seamlessly amalgamates his vast knowledge with a tailored approach. Nash possesses a profound understanding of optimizing workouts for unparalleled outcomes, along with a comprehensive grasp of dietary strategies and supplementation, which proved instrumental in my quest to shed excess body fat, sculpt muscles, and attain peak physical condition. As a professional with a hectic schedule, Nash's adeptness at maximizing my limited time has revolutionized my fitness regimen. Without reservation, I endorse Nash to those in search of more than just a trainer, but a committed ally in their fitness odyssey.

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