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Synonymous for weight loss was and still is, the so-called cardio exercise. People are ending up running or walking for months and months, without any significant fat loss, but possibly with some weight loss. Losing weight was the wrong goal. Everyone can lose weight: simply cut your daily calories the amount of food that you eat daily and the weight will start dropping down. You don’t need any type of exercise at all to lose weight. But, in this scenario don’t ask yourself where have the lost weight come from… In majority of dieters who lose weight just by cutting calories, over 60% of lost weight comes from muscle and other body tissues. Losing muscle tissue, which is metabolically the most active and “expensive” tissue will slow down the metabolism and bring the body into starvation mode and consequently, further weight loss and especially fat loss will slow down.

If you start thinking differently and set fat loss as you goal, things will have to change. You will need to exercise, and you will not necessarily need to decrease your daily caloric intake, but rather to make a better selection of food that you eat. Losing mainly body fat means that you will either preserve or increase your muscle tissue in the process. The best way to maintain the same muscle mass, or preferably increase it is to start weight training.

By maintaining the same amount of muscle mass thanks to weight training, you will be losing manly body fat (over 80%), while the change in your diet will rather be a different selection of food and not necessarily cutting amount of calories.

Weight training and adequate diet are all you need to lose the unwanted body fat. Changing your eating habits by including more fresh vegetables and fruit as well as lean protein sources instead of starchy carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and cereals you will enable your body to switch to another energy source: body fat!

If your weight training is intense enough, you will even gain few pounds of new lean muscle tissue. To maintain an extra pound of new muscle tissue your body will have to burn extra 100 calories daily! Those extra calories will come exclusively from calories stored in your body fat. Five new pounds of muscle tissue will therefore require up to 500 daily, which will amount to 3500 calories per week. Burning 3500 calories is exactly the amount of calories necessary to burn one pound of body fat! Just with extra 5 pounds of new muscles, as long as your caloric intake is the same, you will be burning one pound of fat per week!

The best way to turn your body into a fat burning machine is to turn it into a muscle building machine, which is only possible through weight training. Your weight training therefore has to be frequent, intense enough, properly structured and you will have to learn how to exercise in perfect form. You will also have to learn a lot about healthy eating and be ready to implement your knowledge in everyday life.

Losing weight is easy, losing fat is not.

Fitness and Bodybuilding expert Nash Jocic

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