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Nash Jocic, the most experienced personal trainer in London


Training with Nash Jocic and his team means simply a very different experience from the experience you will elsewhere have. NashFit Personal Training is a unique combination of most effective training systems and techniques strictly based on the laws of biomechanics as well as the most accurate nutritional programs that your unique physiological signature will positively respond to.


Nash's extensive knowledge and experience in this field will help you achieve the results that you always wanted. Training under his supervision is extremely motivating and educating. Regardless of your goals, whether they are loosing a few ponds of body fat, getting stronger and in better shape, achieving that famous 6 pack or becoming a champion bodybuilder, Nash will confidently guide you every step of the way.



As his approach is always holistic, not only will you be coached to satisfy your aesthetic requirements, but emphasis will also be put on your health and functional abilities. Optimal body health, strength and functioning will always remain priorities in his unique approach.

We train our clients exclusively in world famous MUSCLEWORKS GYMS.


There is a maximum of 2 people to be trained at the same time in the gym.



  • You will be first assessed by Nash himself in regard to your health, fitness level, body composition, current diet and your goals.

  • Nash will create a training and nutritional program specifically designed for you.

  • You will then be appointed one of his experienced personal trainers (or trained by Nash, depending on his work schedule) who will make sure that your training program is followed in perfect order.

  • Every two weeks you will have a consultation with Nash when he will assess your progress and eventually adjust your training and nutrition program to your new requirements.

  • You can always contact Nash via phone or e-mail concerning your training or nutrition.




  • Fat loss (weight loss is only relevant if it is fat loss)

  • Increase overall strength (muscles and bones)

  • Increase muscle size

  • Compete in bodybuilding

  • Dramatically improve your body shape (more muscles less fat)

  • Improve your cardiovascular endurance

  • Strengthen your joints and connective tissue

  • Increase your bone density

  • Eliminate back and neck problems

  • Improve mobility

  • Increase insulin sensitivity

  • Lower your blood pressure

  • Lower your high cholesterol levels

  • Stress relive

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Feel good about yourself

  • Look great


Our supplements are carefully created and selected by Nash Jocic with an aim to offer you cutting edge high quality products made of the best possible ingredients. Please follow the link through NashFit Nutrition and visit our shop where you will find not only the highest quality supplements on the market but also Nash's books, e-books, DVDs, training and nutritional programs as well as the opportunity to benefit from his online personal training.

Nash Jocic with a client
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